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    • Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rules that electronically signed UM Rejection Selection Forms are valid and satisfy the law.

    • 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal affirms the trial court’s granting its Motion for Summary Judgment holding that Notice of Cancellation of Insurance Policy for non-payment was valid and complied with Louisiana Revised Statute 22:1226.

    • H&G gets directed verdict on behalf of sugarcane truck defendant after close of evidence of two week jury trial.

    • H&G gets insurance company out on summary judgment regarding the issue of whether UM policy coverage applies to guest passenger when insured vehicle is driven by an excluded driver.

    • H&G successfully argues the validity of a UM Rejection Selection Form electronically signed by the named insured.

    • H&G successfully defends trucking company in an Interstate 10 rear-end accident. Demand prior to jury trial $750,000.00. Plaintiff requested $2.7 million in closing arguments. Jury awarded $295,000.00.

    • Louisiana 4th Circuit of Appeals upholds Civil District Court’s granting of a Motion for Summary Judgment that the City of New Orleans is self-insured, and thus, there is no UM coverage pursuant to insurance policy language.